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Lea Smith

Walmart is not age friendly for anyone. I’d say at the store I applied and worked for they wanted to fill a hole. They hire anyone. The management for the area assigned has taken 14 days off for Covid each. So the area was running itself lol I learned quickly but the long time staffers there didn’t really want to help anyone new. I luckily got a decent person to help me. Next set of new people in long time staffers didn’t want to train. I said if you aren’t able I will feeling bad for the new person and knowing in my 2 shifts being trained I could help with most of the training because it wasn’t hard. Then a ignorant attitude new person started with some kind of I do this I do that telling pointing his finger. I told him do what you want in new too but I’m going to do as instructed. Reported him to upper, no one assisted. Got so bad with his harassment that I left. After 3 weeks of torture no assigned manager in area they were too late trying to change my mind about being needed here lol Please I gave written statements about the BS I was dealing with and no one did anything. They really don’t care there’s someone else out there that will fill their holes in staffing. Turned me completely off for Walmart’s don’t go in them anymore even as a customer.

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They expect too much of their employees in a normal shift. The managers I worked for had NO PEOPLE SKILLS! All about getting the most work done in the least amount of time. Didn't matter what your age....People 40 years younger than me could not produce what they wanted. Usually easy to get time off BUT I think that was based that I always stayed over and came to work to fill in shifts. Came in to work on a "snow day" (late 8:30 AM) in January 2018 and there were 2 other people present ( Asst Manager and Maintenance associate) everyone else had called out. Manager said to me when I arrived "Oh your finally here!" Mentioned when I called late that It would be around 8:30 AM.. I lived 13 miles from the store... No appreciation for anything. Then lied to me repeatedly about getting my final paycheck for vacation time earned. Now ...Under Georgia Law they did not owe me that money but they kept saying we sill send you a check. Wish they would have told method Im not entitled to that the first time.

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james johnson

i applied for a job, they said they would call me back, i went there 3 times, no phone call, if i had the job or not,

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After reading the comments by those who express their perspective of age related discriminating practices by more than a few employers, I felt very concerned for older workers that need/desire employment. I wonder if these employers understand that it is not just the revenue from young adults that keep them in business. I wonder how they would survive if the older generation would stop supporting their businesses. I also wonder if these employers understand the principle of sowing and reaping? I am grateful to your agency for providing the results of your survey and your commitment to provide older workers with reliable job leads.

-- Marie Moore, AARP